at Kinepolis, may, in the court of appeal for a new multi-room building is in Belgium, without any prior consent, to ask the Belgian competition Authority. The best in the bioscoopgroep, after a ruling from the court on Wednesday.

at Kinepolis continues to see new movie theaters in the country, but has for many years been in the hands and feet are bound by a strict competition. The company is in, our country will not have new buildings to build, or acquire, without the consent of the authority. These conditions date back to 1997, when the Kinepolis was the result of a merger of the bioscoopgroepen by the family of Bert and Claeys.

at Kinepolis to take the terms and conditions for years. Relax by the Belgian competition Authority last year, the court of appeal, on the basis of procedural reasons, on the ground referred to. In march it took the BMA for a new decision, in which the conditions more stringent, were used. Kinepolis was on appeal and, as a result of the decision by the BMA last week, so it was destroyed.

The court has found, according to the Kinepolis is determined that the condition of the bioscoopgroep way to have to grow up in Belgium, is the way it should. There may be a transition period prior to that of freedom. The decision as to an appropriate period of transition, the court explained, in the hands of the BMA.

the Ceo Eddy Duquenne rely on a “reasonable decision” about the transition. “The BMA has in the past, already several times decided to the elimination of the requirement including the period of transition, as our competitors have over the past 22 years, the time to prepare,” he said. “I think we have all of our energy and investment where it really matters-namely, the Belgian film and a positive development for the Belgian cinema sector.”

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