Karine Le Marchand, new Miss France? The 53-year-old presenter is still a long way off. On June 4, 2022, she still posted a series of photos on her Instagram account which may have cast doubt among her fans.

We see the host, dressed in a magnificent red dress, who seems to be taking part in an evening with friends. In this photo, we see that she is wearing a tiara on her head as well as a scarf worthy of that of Diane Leyre, our dear Miss France 2022.

Don’t worry, Karine Le Marchand didn’t steal her place, it’s another title she managed to grab, that of Miss Bech 2022. Does this competition mean anything to you? It’s normal, it’s a celebration that she does every year with her friends to honor Bechara Halabi, nicknamed Drbeech, a dental surgeon from Paris and one of Karine Le Marchand’s best friends, according to Purepeople .

In description of the photo, the former model explains: “After an intense competition of several weeks, I won the title of Miss Bech 2022! Only my close friends can understand this annual laugh, but what matters is that this election is a pretext to laugh, to celebrate, and to celebrate an extraordinary friend of generosity, humor and kindness (and one of the best dentists but that’s another story!).”

These photographs breathe happiness, good humor and have, as often, a small dose of humor. Indeed, on the last image, the host of Love is in the meadow implies that she would like to add the distinction “Miss Bech” on her Wikipedia page.