This June 8, 2022, host Karine Ferri and her husband, footballer Yoann Gourcuff celebrated their three years of marriage. An event that the TF1 star celebrated by sharing a photo of the ceremony on her Instagram account.

Like many celebrities on the small screen, the host of Dancing with the Stars, the after party remains very discreet about her private life. A desire to protect his privacy and those close to him. In the columns of Ouest-France, Karine Ferri confided in her family life on the occasion of the release of her book A life in balance. We learned there that she moved to Brittany with her husband and their two children.

“In Morbihan, I lead a life like everyone else. I pick up my children from school. I walk my dogs in the forest. I swap my heels for sneakers. In Paris, I try to condense in one week what I would have done in three weeks. I work a lot. It’s yin and yang,” she said.

Regarding her life as a couple, the star said they were “very modest”. “In a society where we show everything, it’s a lifestyle choice. The only times we show up is to send messages, on animal adoption, charitable causes for children “. However, she allows herself to reveal some pictures of her children on the web, but only from behind.

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