Justitiejournalist, John De Wit calls The Juristenkrant, for which the government is the ‘pill of Drion’ to be available to any adult who asks for it without the need to have the answers, or treatment, or psychological patronizing. The ‘pill of Drion’ is a fictional name for a drug that is an painless fast suicide is possible.

The White one is responding to the acquittal of Antwerp’s gp, who was accused of poisoning, because he had a patient who was tired of life – > with a drink and worrying that the staff is very helpful and will die if they are consumed. He lay next to her on the bed, to get her mental help. The euthanasiecommissie has filed a formal complaint, but the doctor was prosecuted, because he was involved in the deaths of a woman is not an active act had been made. The new criminal code by the minister of Justice, Koen Geens argues assisted suicide is an offence.

‘the pill of Drion’, not in order to establish a violation of the Belgian government, according to White, the European Convention for the protection of the Human being. Article 8 (the right to privacy and self-determination) and article 2 (right to life) and article 3 (prohibition of torture, humiliation and degrading treatment are being violated. With regard to the latter, he points out the abuses in the treatment of the elderly, especially the demented elderly in the nursing homes. The White is hoping that human rights organizations representing the interests of the worthy of to die, after a trial before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

“with The pill, but since each and every human being has the right to be in control of his life to make the decision. Now that is a dog who is sick, or tired of life – > is more treated as a human being. I hope there will be more and more, doctors and psychologists have come to understand that it is not their job, it is about the sufferings of the sick and the levensmoeë people, forever, extended, talks, inspections, and fees. Doctors and psychologists should not develop into a modern inquisition, but it is open to anyone who wants it, is worthy to die. Because it is a human life, it is just as important as that of a cat or dog,” says White.

Anyone with questions surrounding a suicide, can take a look at the Zelfmoordlijn via the toll-free number to 1813, or www.zelfmoord1813.be.