the grand opening of The new school-Melopee of the New Facilities in Ghent, until, literally, had fallen into the water. Due to a leak in the shower, on the upper floor, there is water in the building.

A large vegetable garden, a rock-climbing wall, a large terrace, which is a buitensportkooi, the classes of which are connected to each other, a music studio, … School, Melopee of the New Competition is anything but ordinary. The new building cost 10 million euros, would be the following week, to be officially opened, but there is a real possibility that the festival may have been cancelled.

the Cause of this is a huge error that on Saturday, it was discovered during a klusdag for parents and teachers. “There has been a security flaw discovered in the shower on the top floor,” says the alderman of Education of Each Decruynaere (Green). How long it has been since all the leaks, we don’t know. Everything has to be examined. The fire department was promptly on the spot to come to turn off the water and the damage to a minimum.”

The building, which was built at the command of the stadsontwikkelingsbedrijf Sogent has not yet been completed. The general contractor and the architect are also on the spot to bring the situation to judge. “This afternoon, come to the experts in the electricity and the fire safety check,” says the vessels Decruynaere.

Official opening:

The official opening of the new building was planned for the following week, but Wednesday would be the first of the children already in their seat. “It is at the moment unclear as to what is going to happen next, well on Wednesday as on Friday,” says the vessels Decruynaere. “I hope that we will soon have sufficient info. It has been in the building the child is scheduled during the autumn mid-term break. We will inform the parents as soon as possible, or you can continue on, or at any other location.”

located On the ground floor of the building has been a daycare. Decruynaere say that to the parents of 19 children, will be informed of what is going on and whether or not the children Monday, is back in the Melopee, or in any other location will be taken care of. “The safety of our children is the most important thing. Everybody will receive care, but where it is not yet certain. We do not want to take the risk,” says Decruynaere.

Melopee is music. The staircase looks like a piano keyboard. Photo this: IF