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Marieke Vervoort has been dinsdagvoormiddag to be buried in a Mile. The afscheidsplechtigheid was attended by several hundred friends and supporters, and it was – typical of the eternal optimiste place in a banquet hall instead of a church or the funeral home. The 40-year-old rolstoelatlete took the last week to bid farewell to the living.

Even in her uitvaartplechtigheid had Vervoort was still a nice twist in store for us. One of our best rolstoelatlete to ever lay in state in a warm-and-red box. It is red and which is also irradiated onto the rouwprentje that says, “Give me a big hug, and I’m the richest man in the world”. Do not be in a church. Not in a crematorium. The funeral of Wielemie was held in the ballroom of the courtyard, to the Rhode in Diest. “There was a lot of fun moments, and I wanted to be there to say goodbye to everyone I loved”, wrote, ” Vervoort day.

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“She was a good friend of the owner,” said mayor Christophe with The Lord. “She wanted to have her funeral took place here. They are very close to the direction of it in taken care of, they will have a list of speakers and musicians lined up.” In the audience, “The sky’s the limit” -the businessman, Michel Van den Brande, former athlete Svetlana Bolshakova, a Green chair Meyrem Almaci, and are the parents of Annick Van Uytsel.

Michel Van den Brande, Svetlana Bolshakova, Stan Van Samang, and are the parents of Annick Van Uytsel said goodbye to Marieke Vervoort. Photo: dvg


At eleven o’clock, contributed four men to the front of Wielemie’ is a slow and dignified in the banquet hall inside. During the celebration, and took a dozen or so friends, the word. Everyone was talking about it is the incredible persistence, that She was of medals left to win. “In love, friendship and won gold,” said pastor Jules Goossens. “She was a wonderful human being with a page, but golden around the edges. A work of art to life. You are radiant with peace. The rest is now a deafening silence”, he said again, in mental coach, Lieve Bullens.

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her father also spoke of the immense pain that his daughter had to go through. Her nights kept awake. And so it was, also, dad Jos, to have the courage of his daughter as well. “Our hope is that we can find a little bit of courage, to our immense sorrow, and to the west.”

The parents of Mary cross with a candle in it. (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> a bawdy joke

Tom Waes told us then, by way of a pre-recorded video message, since he is currently in hong Kong, there is – at the request of the Vervoort is a foul joke. There had to be hard in order to laugh, and it was undoubtedly the intention of Wielemie’. Guy Swinnen and sang in-between is an acoustic version of “Time”, and Stan van Samang accompanied himself on the guitar at a very impressive version of “A Star” to release it.

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Also, Zenn, and the begeleidingshond by Vervoort, said good-bye, he brought out a rose to the owner. After that, the box has the option of ‘Create As’, and ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’,’ into the garden, to behave, to where the hearse was waiting to take the body to the crematorium, to bring. Hundreds of attendees remained a lonely back.

– Guy Swinnen and sang an acoustic version of ‘Time’. (Photo: Photo in the News < / P> Last message

Monday night, were friends, Vervoort, go see him.” Hundreds of them all along the candle-lined Rhodeweg. ‘Wielemie’ was lying in state in the red box, behind which stood the great image of her to victory at the Paralympic Games in London 2012, where she is, her discharge, shouts. In addition to the coffin, and stood up to her parents, to the countless warm hugs to receive. The “rich man”, will She have to have thought of it.

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Photo: BELGA < / P> Majestic athletic career: “The only reason why I’m here”

the Vervoort died on Tuesday of last week at the age of 40. She is suffering since a young age with a progressive muscle disease, and in 2000 at the age of 21, in a wheelchair. It’s all in the Diestse not have to be an impressive athletic career for years to come. After wandering along the rolstoelbasket, and deep-sea diving, she’s paratriatlon, which in 2006 and 2007, the world as it was.

After a flare of her disease, had to be Vervoort to rolstoelatletiek a minimum. Therein, the reeg ‘Wielemie, ” the success of the other. In 2012, she conquered the Paralymische Games in London and gold in the 100m and a silver in the 200 metres. Four years later, he moved to Rio de Janeiro and a silver medal in the 400 and bronze in the 100 metres. The world cup is in 2015 in Doha, took them up to three times, gold, gold (100 -, 200-and 400-meter) home with you. Meanwhile, a better range of world, European and paralympic records.

now, the Individual awards were as follows: in 2012, she was Paralympiër of the Year, and if it is in the Flemish Sportjuweel take delivery in 2015, followed in the Flemish Giant. It was in the 2013 honours: grand officer of the order of the crown, and was given the badge of honour from the hands of the couple.

the Rio, it was her last major tournament. “Sports is the only reason why I’m here”, she showed up for the start of the Paralympic Games of 2016 to be confirmed. “I am, however, still like to work out, but my body does not agree with that”, they said afterwards. By the end of 2017, told the Vervoort is that the pain is unbearable, and that they would opt for euthanasia. To meet this demand, it was last Tuesday at the hotel. “It is all down to the last detail in preparation. I’m all for my ashes scattered on the island of Lanzarote.”

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