Even won, Jurgen Mettepenningen, last weekend with his rider Eli Iserbyt is the story of the world cup cyclo-cross in Iowa City, is still in doubt as the team manager of the Pauwels Sauce-Bingoal, or next year, but drops off to the united states.

over The past few years, the world cup cyclo-cross is traditionally opened by the two crosses in the United States of america. An attempt by the UCI to the cross and to the international growth, including in North America. The former world champion, and his Telenet Fidea cycling team We support, their bicycle manufacturer Trek is set in the town of Waterloo, site of the second world cup race this coming weekend, Jurgen Mettepenningen, and Parent Spinach-Bingoal see the benefits no longer with us. In spite of a victory, and Eli Iserbyt in Iowa City this past weekend.

“I often wonder what we’re doing,” said Juergen Mettepenningen, at Very. “If you rationally look at it, you can see that this is not a good investment. It will cost a lot of money – more than 40,000 dollars to the united states to travel to. In and out of the sporting interests at stake, we will not only be of commercial interest. You’ll be there at the same trial, and the week before that, in Eeklo, at the start of the stage. Then you start to wonder what the benefit is to have it in the usa we would highly recommend. I even wonder if next year we actually will be good for the united states. I’m not sure that we’ll be back.”

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Jurgen Mettepenningen (Photo: jvdv

“We have to win now and win in the world Cup, a huge sporting value, but I don’t know if I was bagging to the united states. The cost is running high, and I don’t think it’s responsible for those costs to be borne by a crossteam.”

However, Jurgen Mettepenningen, not by pointing the finger of blame for the UCI. “They’ve been trying to get this game mondialiseren, but there is no question of that. The concept has not been successful. In the men’s pros in Iowa City, was in the top fourteen, thirteen, Belgians, and Dutch. The first is an American – Curtis White was fifteen. Then this is it.”

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