Julien Doré knows how to surprise the public. Since his debut in Nouvelle Star on M6, the singer has distinguished himself in stagings of which he alone has the secret. Like this Valentine’s Day when the one who paid tribute to his mother and grandmother (in his latest opus Aimée) created the surprise at the Victoires de la Musique in 2014.

On the stage of the Zénith de Paris, at La Villette, the artist delivered a frenzied performance of his hit Paris Seychelles. A performance punctuated by the arrival of six Julien Doré minis in front of the public. Among them, one of the look-alikes is very nostalgic for this privileged moment. “I will remember this day for the rest of my life,” Martin told Planet.

Who wouldn’t dream of skipping half a day of middle school to sing on TV? With some members of his Asnières choir, Martin took part in the 29th edition of the Victoires de la Musique. That year, the ceremony brought together stars like Laurent Voulzy, Christophe Mae, or even Shaka Ponk and Synapson. “We saw the dressing rooms of the artists, we asked for photos and autographs from everyone,” recalls the student and musician.

Then comes the time for rehearsals in the Zenith for the staging. “That’s when we met Julien Doré. He’s super nice to us,” recalls Martin. An artist with whom they exchanged in the dressing room before the live. “Like a friend, he made jokes to us, talked to us and above all, he was interested in what we were doing in the choir”.

But, the highlight for the chorister remains the transformation into a mini Julien Doré. “We were chosen for our ‘resemblance’ with him”, laughs Martin. With a sense of style specific to the famous singer, the children adopted his look by wearing pants, a tank top and black shoes, not to mention his famous “ephemeral” tattoos pasted by the make-up artists. With his big brother Alexis, present among the mini-lookalikes, they did not fail to show off in front of their friends when they returned to college.

From their time on the stage of the Victoires de la Musique, Martin retains only positive things about this experience. “Everything went well for us. It’s a memory that will remain in our heads forever”, says the one who participated in The Voice Kids in 2015. Seven years later, Julien Doré has become one of four coaches of the famous singing competition. Will he lift the trophy with one of his talents? Answer on Saturday October 8 on TF1.