finally, Julie Vermeire (21), which is currently hard-rehearses for ” Dancing with the Stars’, tells the story in an interview with the Festival that she hardly noticed that her father, Jacques, had colon cancer. “He kept that hidden from us. I have so much respect for you.”

“am I really the mother in the home. I am in the last year, only True for the parents ‘ evenings have gone,” says Julie, the daughter of Jacques Vermeire in Broadway. And also: “I am that my father is not too much to bite off his fork, and not to be under a lot of stress is given on the job.”

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this is also another. Since then, daddy Jacques had colon cancer, his children, are not noticed, she said. “He’s not alone in the world, but for us, kept out of sight. I have so much respect for them. What happened to him is wrong, and you don’t notice.”

“I am, however, a little battered,” she said, when she found out that her father, in the eye of the needle had entered. “But we’re at home, all of them are quite realistic in it’s life. We’ve all been through a lot.”

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