Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Daniel Craig… Top 10 highest paid actors in 2021


Is your favorite actor the highest paid? The 2021 ranking has just been revealed by Variety. As the American magazine specializing in the entertainment world recalls, ten years ago, Hollywood stars knew that their success was guaranteed if their film triumphed at the box office. However, the digital revolution has turned the film industry upside down. Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO… With the omnipresence of these platforms, other criteria are now taken into account. Successes can be measured by views on Netflix or a press release touting a movie’s popularity on HBO Max.

However, it would seem that this does not affect the finances of your favorite actors and actresses. Movie stars continue to be paid handsomely for their roles. And this, whether their film is shown on a big screen or a small one. Feature films directly broadcast in streaming are also popular.

Since 1996, the average salary for top talent has been $20 million for a movie, Variety reports. This amount seems to be the norm within the film industry. Jim Carrey had stunned Hollywood at the time by pocketing this sum for his black comedy “The Cable Guy”. Headliners of feature films made for theatrical release generally perceive the same today. Studios like Warner Bros are forced to follow a new economic model, since the major platforms broadcasting films and series exclusively pay dizzying fees to star actors and actresses.

Some, however, earn much less, and others much more. If Robert Pattinson obtained “only” 3 million dollars for the Batman film and Chris Pine 11.5 million, the first of the list reaches 100 million dollars! Check out his identity in our slideshow above.