They may be the visible sign of the passage of time and of their youth which is leaving, some stars have now decided to proudly display their white hair. Whether it’s just the roots, a few graying hairs or their entire scalp, today our actresses, singers, journalists, television hosts have above all decided not to be ashamed of their age.

Long reserved for sex appeal and masculine charm, gray hair has often been a source of anxiety for the fairer sex. Synonymous with old age, the majority of women prefer to camouflage their whitish roots to stay in tune with the times.

But, more and more, the stars are releasing the pressure and lifting the foot on the colorings to display a more natural look. Céline Dion, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore or Zazie (who has just announced this June 27 good news to her fans on Instagram), now let their gray tips show on social media or on red carpets. When others, like the 62-year-old American actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, have been combining her white hair with a boyish cut for the past ten years.

More than a simple choice of color, wearing white hair has become an act of protest for these women who are distinguished by the desire to assert their personality and not to be guided by the diktat of a society where ‘we are desperately trying to stay young. Check out a dozen of these celebrities in our slideshow above.