Josep Pla in the Madrid of the dictablanda


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Josep Pla (Palafrugell, 1897-Llufríu, 1981) he lived in Madrid on two occasions. First, when I was 23 years old, in 1921, came to the city as a correspondent for the newspaper Advertising. Second, ten years later, as a correspondent of the newspaper La Veu de Catalunya covered the events of the arrival of the new regime filled with anxiety and willing to meet long-deferred promises.

For Pla was always a mystery to write a diary about Madrid , and as he himself confesses when he published it in book form in 1929, then expanded quite many years later, in 1957. The same thing happened with The advent of the Republic, published in 1933 and expanded in 1974. Then, the two were incorporated into the edition of the Complete Works of Pla that made Josep Vergés in 1966 in the publishing Destination.

Reprinted several times and always sold out, Target has just released a new edition of this book, that the least that can be said of him is that he combines irony with the strangeness of a form so masterful that sometimes Pla almost equals his talent to one of their most brilliant predecessors, Jonathan Swift.

he Lived the murder of Dato. as the word got out that he had been a Catalan, was passed by a silent

In reality, the artifice requires, demands in a certain way, that distance is necessary if we want that to come to fruition. Hence Josep Pla land in the Madrid of the Dictablanda c on the mood of a martian who comes to Earth. Thanks to this, we can read pages, keynote, full of irony about the importance of the coffee with milk and toast in that city where, for Pla, there were only three hotels : feten, the Ritz; the Palace, who aspired to be feten, and Rome, in Gran Vía, full of clerics and crannies dark.

In the Madrid, Pla lived through the assassination of Eduardo Dato. As word had spread that he had been a Catalan, was passed by silent for days until the thing is clarified, is not that his strong accent empordà will betray him. This anecdote, hilarious and, at the same time, disturbing gives the tone of this book. If you Pla, as well, load stroke of a pen the main breadwinners of bohemian coffee in madrid -that of the half-toast-, I must say that the beer it produced in her a feeling so pleasant that even comes to affirm that after the German and Czech there is no better beer than the madrid.

Bulls and barnacle

Madrid to reach you, even disturbs and has, at times, of the customs of the city so unusual, when you relax and let them relax, in addition, its prodigious lucidity that cuts like a knife . Love, for example, to observe the people strolling along la Castellana, where you see all the world happy and pleased by the only fact of existing, but at the same time will upset de andaluz there is in the city, with those references bullfighting at all hours. Then comes the policy, seriously, as that was a correspondent but in the diary don’t forget to mention anecdotes delicious, as the Directory that it is put in the bars and consisted of a glass of Sherry -Primo de Rivera was a native of that city, surrounded by eight barnacles, which was the number of their ministers. Details so are these pages filled with. is Pla, of course, in a pure state.