José Cuartero Cifuentes, probably the last political analyst at the journalism Spanish


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José Cuartero comes into the world in Villarrobledo the year of universal suffrage.

At ABC, in the summer of ‘ 79, where I had quoted for intern Carlos Mendo , I presented myself with the articles of José Cuartero (“Twenty years of Spanish politics”, a book in homage of the Spanish Press) in the head, but Mendo did not know of Cuartero and so I took my first disappointment professional.

Cuartero, the editorialist of don Torcuato (readers say “the publisher of Cuartero,” not “the editorial of the ABC”, as half a century later would happen with Meadow and “The Country”), coming from Albacete, where he is stabbed by a thug sent by a chief. Flees to Madrid, he lives to break kills, and in 1911 called don Torcuato for the post of editorial writer for politico, “the office,” he says, which is leaving the life base of tobacco and hours.

Don Torcuato proposes and Cuartero available.

–Don Torcuato –remember Corrochano – thought; he knew more than Cuartero the environment of the street. Gave topic to the political commentary of the day.

First writes the length of the article and then begins with the pruning of everything that is not essential. Does the editorial by removing pages.

In the 28 receives the Cavia for the article “Without bile and without fever”, a target riddled with darts:

–Our dictatorship is a last name, a person… My natural rights of man, the rights of all spaniards, have disappeared because they hinder another man, dedicated to spontaneously to govern their fellow citizens… it is Worth what it is worth, the dictator, to be worth what it is worth, his work and his purposes, what puts us in front of the dictatorship is a matter of civil dignity…

The dictator hates Cuartero, and to the side of each editorial “hang up” (insert mandatory) your “Note of censure” with its nuances.

–Because I have played the life at the give the coup! –yells in a day Primo de Rivera the director of ABC.

–And mine, without asking for my permission! –answers don Torcuato.

The problem, explain to you don Torcuato to a gacetillero which asks you for the dictatorship, is that, when all had hoped that Cousin was not another thing that a surgeon, has become a doctor.

The political literature of Cuartero has today the same today than when he wrote.

–The Republic –write in June, the 36– was born of the protest against a dictatorship that no longer existed… The Republic is the revolution in the “Gazette” [today, BOE], with additives in the street if the “Gazette” it falls short… they will Not care of anyone or respect or curiosity the republicans who curse of the Republic, because it is not as wanted… A program that is summarized in this conclusion: “Delenda est Hispania!” (Allusion to the “Delenda est monarchia!” of Ortega in “the Crucible”)… We are enemies of the revolution, but also of the dictatorship.

And in Spain with the Monarchy you can be a republican, but with the Republic can not be monarchical.