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This Sunday, July 5 at 21:00 hours (CEST) Jorge Drexler presents, from Madrid their first live at the time of confinement with the support of Sony Music Spain and ARE Estrella Galicia. It will be a concert in streaming on rigorous direct broadcast in the open, through social networks, making use of the live communication at a distance, to which we have become accustomed, but also with a huge emphasis on the care of the artistic details: scenery, lights, sound and video production . A digital format for the Estrella Galicia has been bet since the first day of confinement, with more than 30 direct that culminate this Sunday with the concert of Drexler. The musical project brewing seeks to encourage proposals with the highest quality known to date in the relay live musical.

As explained by the own Drexler, “the pandemic forced us to communicate via the internet exclusively, and it was important to prioritize the aspects of coloquialidad domestic and closeness; but in almost all cases, the visual beauty and sound was the big absentee.

The virus we are pushed into a world of limited beauty : the faces covered on the street and the ‘talking heads’ on the screen grid”.

To counter this bitter feeling, all efforts are focused on again offer a spectacle of art. “My whole touring team will be in full, together with Maxi Gilbert (XLR Studio) and his team of audiovisual assembled especially for the occasion”, announces the singer and songwriter, “let’s hope that everything goes well and you enjoy it as much as we are doing us the plan”.

This concert will be the return of the artist to a “scenario”, after the cancellation of their tour last march , when, compelled by the expansion of the pandemic, had to suspend all of its recitals scheduled.

Before the re-scheduling of the tour and before returning to Madrid, Drexler offered through their social networks, a live broadcast from the same Theater Melico Salazar, San José, Costa Rica, with the intention of keeping the appointment with your audience. The concert this Sunday, is presented as a continuation of this highly acclaimed action which was followed by 10,000 people live.

The concert is virtual, you will be free, thanks to the will of the artist, his Management and the collaboration of Sony Music and Spain ARE Estrella Galicia , you will be able to follow live via the official channels of Jorge Drexler in biodiver sity newsletter: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Both the previous rehearsals and the concert, presented by Jorge Drexler in collaboration with Sony Music and ARE Estrella Galicia will be carried out in a 100% secure environment, following all control measures and prevention are necessary by the special consciousness of the artist and the organizers as opposed to the current health situation.

During these last months, ARE Estrella Galicia has conducted a cycle of concerts with national and international artists that are unchecked from the rest as it is the case of the own Drexler. In this way he sought to follow #SiempreON with shows revealing, consolidating a programming dialing character international in line with their progressive expansion in new countries of Europe, united States or Latin america.


Sunday, July 5

– Madrid 9pm –

Buenos Aires 4pm | São Paulo 4pm New York 3pm

Bogotá-2pm | CDMX 2pm | Montevideo 4pm | Miami 3pm | Lima 2pm

Live broadcasting on the social network of Jorge Drexler and free from the social networks ARE Estrella Galicia.