Sentenced in November 2020 to 25 years in prison for the murder of his wife Alexia Daval, Jonthann Daval is serving his sentence at the central house of Ensisheim, in Alsace. and, according to the revelations of Dominique Rizet, major police-justice reporter for BFM TV, the 38-year-old man would be in a relationship, behind bars, with another man.

“I don’t know how long, I only know it’s an older man,” the reporter told Planet.

He also ensures that his information is reliable. “It’s a 5/5 source, which comes from prison, I’m not used to telling anything”.

Who is that man ? The presenter has not sought, for the moment, to know more about his identity. “However, I am not surprised,” says Dominique Rizet. “A lot of people, especially in his family, were already convinced of his homoxseusality. ”

The journalist, close to the Fouillot family, spoke with Alexia’s parents about this. “I told them about it, they sent me messages. In one of them, the mother, Isabelle, writes: “this information sheds light on why. I don’t know why he got married. When you get married, it’s to create your own family. It’s as if it was yesterday, and we learn more and more… What perversity of him’.”

For Dominique Rizet, this information is less a vulgar gossip than a key element to understand his acting out.

“I am concerned about the right to be forgotten, it is one of my main concerns when I do my job, but here, we are not in it. Jonathann Daval is a licensed liar, it does not suit him to tell the truth to his mother, and it is a waste. “, continues the journalist.

However, Dominique Rizet wishes the prisoner “only good”, and evokes his very heavy sentence (he was sentenced to 25 years in prison). “It is enormous. He was sentenced heavily because he lied, but he probably did not deserve this sentence”, explains the reporter to Planet.

Contacted by us, Me Randall Schwerdorffer, counsel for Jonathann Dava l, admits to being very “surprised” by these revelations, and assures us that his client strongly denies it.

He continues: “of course Jonathann Daval will one day have a romantic relationship, I wish him. But this is all his private life, and even if I have an element, I would never allow myself to reveal it.

For the lawyer, these revelations pose another problem. “He suffers from it, but it is also and above all dangerous. Announcing that he would have a homosexual relationship while he is in prison could jeopardize his safety”, explains the council.

“I find it a shame that he does not assume”, loose Dominique Rizet. The journalist does not rule out digging more in the future to find out more about the identity of the mysterious “lover” of Jonathann Dava l.