Then, Joke Devynck (46) on the red carpet of the film festival of Ostend, with a female partner appeared, all eyes are on her. But the actress is totally wrong. “We will be 2019 at the latest, people. Someone who is in a relationship with someone of the same sex, even as much as look about, how do you make that out?” she responds, in an interview in the weekend supplement of The Standard.

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Devynck has been for a while now, along with artist-Valery and its surroundings had already been aware of the relationship. But still, there seemed to be quite a shock for the country, as they are as a couple at a public event is published. “I have heard that the longer ago it was the droneaanvallen in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Come on,” she said during an interview with The Standard, leaving them with her palm against her forehead and the others. “I think that, on the one hand very funny, on the other hand, I imagine there is really any question about that.”

in his own words, the actress was never in the closet, sat down,” and she had “always been attracted to people, regardless of their gender.” But, Devynck will notice a difference after its appearance on the red carpet. “For me, nothing has changed. However, I do feel that a different look: She is a woman, and that’s a fact of life. Point.”

to create A label, stick it on their own, they don’t. “It is not so much sexual identity, but rather to have the freedom of it. That’s why I think the boxes are so confining. Where is the heart, that your love may live.”

the Joke Devynck has three children from a previous relationship with 19-year-old actor Johan Heldenbergh.

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