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The first lines are for the prologue that opens the story, already within the fiction, and that you do not have to fold: “the day of The murder”; four words from which it is easy and accurate to set the style of Dicker, whose narrative is simple only in appearance, because it is born of ideas and fundamental issues , which often is explicit in the text and that it is very easy to feel involved.

that’s why, beyond the magnet that has a good intrigue, in a certain way, and this new book is not an exception, all the novels of Dicker are mirrors limpísimos and nothing turbid; hence, exercised an absolute fascination over a large number of readers, in the same way that we can’t resist -let’s face it – to fall into the temptation of us in the reflection of shop windows. D I of the novels of Dicker we are.


elements But not only that, with that would not be enough. The carambola literary occurs when, of that simplicity, the author makes opening a whole world, complex and intricate as the thicket of trees in the Amazon, and gets it, without that we hardly realize that, as children, entrusted to us to enter into him. Translated by the exceptional Mª Teresa Gallego Urrutia, along with Amaya García Gallego, “The enigma…” you do not have anything to envy to their previous proposals and confirms what was stated in the first paragraphs of this review.

As you uncheck this novel from its predecessors is the addition of new elements. Among all of them, there were two: l a first-person narration by Jöel, a popular writer seemed more than reasonable with Dicker; and the scene of the action, set in Geneva and in a luxury hotel in a small village in the swiss Alps. The mixture of times, the intensity and freshness of the dialogue, and the plausibility of the characters are maintained on the level to which we are accustomed Dicker.