Decorated christmas trees, lovely cards, well-known muziekdeuntjes: it’s Christmas time for the family of Helen Robinson (46). In October, you don’t. This is not because the parents of seven children in the home, the purchaser wanted to work, but that’s because the family is no longer able to wait. Mom, Helen, who has breast cancer is conquered, it now appears as a threatening, aggressive form of lung cancer, too.

To Helen. (Photo: Facebook

The parents of seven children, and husband, Steven, have been hard at work at the hospital room, so full of life at the end-of-life service, to turn it into a cozy place to celebrate christmas. Everything has to be with their families for christmas and to be able to celebrate it. As december 25 gets their mom may not.

The verdict of the physicians was, in fact, very hard. A year ago, the family was blissfully happy, and when it seemed like the mom of Helen and her fight with breast cancer and had to have been overcome. But for now, there’s precious little to laugh about: – the cancer is back, and in no time it spread all over her lungs.


“It’s the news that makes me break down. We’ve been together since our school years. We have been for more than thirty years, have been married. Helen was the best mother to our children for ever. And they’re the kind of person who does everything in her power to help others. She is the love of my life,” Stephen says on a GoFundMe page.

But all was quickly on a downward spiral here. Helen can barely walk, and she was very often sick. “Please, help us,” begs the man. “Helen and her time is almost up. It’s just a matter of a few weeks. Please Help me to get her to say goodbye to the show that they deserve it. Please Help me to make it for my children and thus more bearable to do. Please Help me to tell her that she is no rush, no hurry, you have all of that taken care of.”

last Christmas
as well As (13), Sophie (10) and Jessica (8). (Photo: GoFundMe

now, with Four of their children are grown, but the youngest girls were 13, 10 and 8 years old. That is why, before Christmas, and that was something that they still really love their mom didn’t want to do. Or is it that it is on the 25th of december and the middle of October: they want to make a day of warmth, of family, of belonging, to once again experience.

So, to jump to many people now to pick up the slack for their financial support.