The 8-year old Everly and her “Rookie” star dancer gave her followers and fans a glimpse at her son, 1 year old Steve Kazee.

Jenna Dewan is proud to be the mother of two beautiful kids.

The actor and dancer shared photos from the weekend that show that point, including rare pictures of her 8-year-old daughter she shares with Channing Tatum, her A-list ex husband.

Everly, or Evie, as her mom and dad call it, can be seen snuggled up next to Dewan in the first photo as they smile for the camera.

The little one is also featured in some of these shots.

The set also features , her 1-year-old sonDewan, and her husband, actor Steve Kazee. They were welcomed last year. Callum is seen sitting on his big sister’s lap, while another photo shows her giving him a helping hand during mealtime.

My weekends are the best.

Jenna Dewan (@jennadewan November 20, 2021

Last photo shows Everly sharing Dewan’s attention and Cosmo, Cosmo’s faithful dog.

The caption that was attached to the photos read: “Happiest when I have weekends like this.”

It’s not surprising that this sentiment is so common. Dewan shared a photo of her and Dewan on Instagram in May for Mother’s Day. She wrote: “Of all the gifts life offers, being your mama the greatest is them all. The purest of loves!” “I will always be grateful that you chose me.”

Tatum is delighted to be Everly’s dad, of course. However, Tatum never shared his daughter’s face until a few months ago. He preferred to share photos from behind, or an emoji that obscured her features, instead.

In June, just days after Father’s Day was over, “Magic Mike,” star gave his followers his first unobstructed view via his Instagram.

You are my littles, everything! He wrote that they were my world and my heart. “You were looking at this full moon and telling me about the prophecy. Then we ran to the water and searched for her. We also played with glow sticks in night water calling out the mermaids. You claimed that you saw a tail on a bald-headed mermaid when you touched it. You will one day read this and, i hope, laugh. Hehehe.