Key personalities of the PAF for a single title. This Thursday, June 16, Le Figaro / TV Magazine unveiled its biannual ranking of the favorite animators of the French according to a survey carried out by Opinion Way. A survey carried out from May 18 to 20, 2022 on a sample of 1062 people.

Among the first 10 names appearing at the top of this ranking, M6 is at the top with five flagship presenters of the channel. Behind, TF1 and France 2 are engaged in a duel on equal terms with two presenters each, while Canal obtains a place in this new ranking. Results that the main concerned were quick to comment on in the media.

Like Karine Le Marchand, who is again the first host of this ranking. In a publication posted on Instagram, when the results were announced, the flagship host of Love is in the meadow rejoiced with her fans. “Olalalala thank you. I am very happy to be elected favorite host of the French in this TV Mag poll!”, before adding. “Be respectful of those who entrust me with their story, never judge, love without restraint, transmit joy and hope, give armfuls of this positive energy that I am lucky to have within me, open my arms and heart, ignoring sterile jealousy and wickedness, exploring the world and always moving forward, with enthusiasm, to maintain my happiness without losing my freedom: this is what your loyalty and your tenderness allow me to pursue every day. Thank you from the bottom of the heart”.

Jean-Luc Reichmann also took to his social networks where he posted a video to thank his audience. “I learned this morning that you elected me the second favorite personality of the French”, welcomed the host of 12 noon shots. “It makes me happy to know you are so close to me”. Not without a touch of humor, the dolphin of this ranking did not hide his jealousy in the company of number 1, as evidenced by his video on Instagram.

Before discovering the identity of the lucky winner, Nicolas de Tavernost, big boss of a private chain, had nothing but praise for him. With our colleagues, the businessman believes that this favorite host of the French “is appreciated because he is nice and people need to have a big brother, a friend, a companion… He has a closeness with them and that’s the opposite of being pretentious. He’s part of the audience’s family.” Is it Stéphane Plaza or a new animator at the top of the podium? Planet reveals the top 10 in pictures.