Far from television sets, Jean-Luc Reichmann lives his American dream to the full. For several weeks, the host of the game Les 12 coups de midi has granted himself a well-deserved break across the Atlantic where he has been traveling the United States with his wife Nathalie Lecoultre. It was on a motorcycle that the couple chose to travel the roads in sunny weather, to discover America.

On the west coast, between Nevada and California, the famous presenter of TF1 and his wife regularly give their news to fans on social networks. Between motorcycle rides, dream landscapes and romantic laughter, they never lose their sense of humor and delight Internet users on their journey. Like this June 7, when the hero of Léo Mattéi shared a rather unusual selfie with his director partner, because of a very particular detail in the background.

“We are talking about the turtle on the head of the girl behind in the tram for our romantic photo”, he protests with humor in the caption on his publication. A few moments earlier, in a short video, Jean-Luc Reichmann shared a surreal misadventure that happened to him with his wife Nathalie in the streets of San Francisco. While they were touring the city on a tram, it unexpectedly broke down.

“THEY FARTED A CABLE ‼️”, exclaims the sixty-year-old presenter, adding. “The blow of the Panne. It had to fall on us. We continue on foot”. An unusual moment that amused the couple, as complicit in the city as on a film set. “I prefer the shadow to the light, to build, to bring my ideas, to be obviously alongside Jean-Luc but not in an escalation of image”, confided Nathalie Lecoultre in February 2022 in the pages of Gala. “I never needed to put myself on stage with him. But we don’t hide.”

Asked by our colleagues, the couple poured out the secrets of their relationship. “With Jean-Luc, we don’t get bored, we share the same values, we laugh a lot, we complete each other”, confided his wife before the host clarified. “Nathalie is not ‘my friend’, and to add. We are very complementary, as are the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang. In a relationship of respect and elegance”. A perfect agreement which is also felt through their photos on social networks. Discover an anthology of their trip to the United States in our slideshow.