During the 1990s, the two actresses Jane Seymour and Fran Drescher became stars of the small screen thanks to their respective series Doctor Quinn, doctor woman and A nanny from hell. What are they becoming today?

At 71, the British star Jane Seymour has continued her career both on the small screen but also in the cinema. From the 2000s, her fans found her in many feature films of very diverse genres. She toured in particular in 2016 in the comedy Fifty Shades of Black then in the musical film Free Dance as well as in the dramatic comedy My grandfather and me, released in 2020. From 2004 to 2005, we find her in the fiction Smallville then in franklin

On the side of his American sidekick Fran Drescher, his career was oriented towards television fiction. The pretty 64-year-old brunette has been on the small screen several times in various fictions such as On the side of Fran in which she plays Fran Reeves from 2005 to 2006 then in Happily Divorced where she plays the main character of Fran Lovett, from 2011 to 2013. Most recently in 2021, the star starred in the TV series Gravesend.

The one who became famous thanks to the series Doctor Quinn, female doctor could have missed out on her career if she had not been in great financial difficulty. “We got married, we had two kids, and I had a terrible divorce that cost me everything. I owed $9 million, the banks were suing me. I had no more money. , I had no more house and I had two children”, she had declared to Entertainment Weekly and to add: “I then called my agent and I said to him, ‘I would do anything’. A role that marked his career since even today his fans are many to remember his character who has become cult.

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