as of Jan Frodeno has the night from Saturday to Sunday, for the third time in his career-the Ironman Hawaii, has won. The 38-year-old German who did that in addition to a sanction course record: 7 hours, 51 minutes and 12 seconds. The belgian Bart Aernouts was podiumambities off to Hawaii, but that was after a long achtervolgingsrace, eventually, be content with a ninth place finish.

you can re-live it here in the Johannesburg 2019, from Hawaii, moment by moment.

the Typical weather at the start, in order to 6u25, on the pier in Kona. Throughout the night, had showers and ugly wreaked havoc on a secluded tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, it was woeliger in a different way. Not good news for Bart Aernouts (35), which is one of the least of the people of the whole of the suit is not served with a more difficult set of circumstances. Aernouts came out after the 3,86 km swim, if only 47th out of the water, and within ten minutes of the race. A year earlier, Aernouts less than seven minutes, they conceded to the leaders during the swim, a whole world of difference.

It is in place together with a couple of strong buddies with the 180 kilometres on the bike to begin with, it had to Aernouts, this year, all the way into his own. An unequal fight because had been the main competitors for the podium in some of the groups will be organised. On the upside, the game was well-liked by Jan Frodeno and olympic champion, and the newcomer Alistair Brownlee get along so well. Brownlee did, however, advance notice is given not to the violent, from the start to go for, but it is the nature of the beast, you can’t change it.

as of The cut-throat competition on the bike and made quickly for the victims. Patrick Long, winner of the prize in 2016 and 2017, then moved after about 60 miles of the crying in the car (you can read more on this). A moment later they were joined by David McNamee, the number three position over the last two years, are an example. And the number one by 2018, Bart Aernouts? He remained in the background, boldly killed the athletes to pick it up. One by one, as he is every year. But this time, it proved to be more difficult than in the previous year. Aernouts joined, eventually, as the eighteenth year of the bike, at nearly thirteen minutes, at that time already known by Jan Frodeno.

That Frodeno was in march of 2017, with an injured foot at the time it had last year, even injured, from the sidelines. Feeding on the world, and honor’d Frodeno at the end of the bike number, his medekoplopers all of two minutes to put in, and that would lead into the semi final of the marathon and will only grow. Injury free was a 38-year-old German over the past few years, almost unbeatable, and on Saturday, there was no measure to the olympic champion of Beijing in 2008. To an impressive degree, has performed as a soloist Frodeno to his third world title, that he is the force bijzette with a new course record time: 7 hours, 51 minutes and 12 seconds. In so doing, he was almost a minute and a half is better than the previous best, which, with Patrick Long last year and put it right. “He is arguably the best triathlete of all time”, said Luc Van Lierde at the finish are a compliment, not under the seats or benches.
Jan Frodeno (Photo: Belga

as Van Lierde was very satisfied with the performance of his / poulain, Bart Aernouts. Which is stronger in the semi final of the marathon in the end of the eighteenth century to the ninth. While in front of among others, Alistair Brownlee, and Both He and the tolls have paid for it with their boisterous bike number did Aernouts in the background, not the crazy stuff, and he got that way is still a well-deserved top ten spot. Our fellow countryman, finished in 8 hours, 12 minutes and 27 seconds. More than a quarter of an hour slower than his personal best from last year. It’s the difference between a great day and a decent day out on the Hawaiian islands. If, however, on the stage, with Frodeno the American Tim O’donnell, and the German ex-world champion, Sebastian Kienle.

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five in a row for the Ryf

(Photo: EPA, EFE,

women Also had the titelverdedigster an offday. The Swiss Daniela Ryf, over the past four years, laid in Hawaii, did not come close to a fifth title in a row. The garland of flowers and went to the Anne Haug. Of the 36 German triathlete was the marathon, and about Lucy, Charles Barclay and condemned, the British, and a third second place finish in a row. The bronze statue was made for the Australian Sarah Crowley. In the pre-amazing my dear Ryf, it was only the thirteenth in a big half an hour away from Haug.

the Reaction as Bart Aernouts: “I have not had a great day, and I need to get on the stage. A simple”:

Analysis by Luc Van Lierde: “John has continued to put up a fight, and I have enormous respect for,”
More about the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii, Luc Van Lierde will analyze the Ironman on Hawaii: “Aernouts has continued to put up a fight and that’s what I really have a lot of respect for” the, Bart Aernouts: “I have not had a great day, and I need to get on the podium, to simply” Wear: I once again world champion in the Ironman and after a great number on the bike, As here, the Ironman triathlon of Hawaii, 2019