The drinking behaviour of 007 is quite questionable. This was demonstrated by scientists at the University of Otago in new Zealand. A total of 24 Bond were used for the study-movies from the years between 1962 and 2015 analyses. The not surprising result of: secret agent James Bond drank more than five decades, consistently and a lot. Bond’s penchant for Martini, shaken not stirred, should be known. But even beyond that, secret agent, rejected rarely have a Drink. Whether vodka, pure or champagne, and sometimes beer.

Under the influence of alcohol Bond Often went into dangerous situations. He drank before he fought with his opponents, he drank before he used enormous sums of money in gambling, he drank before he sat down for daring trips behind the wheel, and he drank before he had Sex with his enemy on the inside, often with weapons in the bed. This list could go pretty long. Alcohol was probably bond’s most loyal companion.

Six Cocktails in one Episode

the inability to work can attest to the MI6 staff, however: In the movie “007 jagt Dr. No” (1962) destroyed the Bond after a few Drinks, Dr. Nos nuclear weapons, one-handed of course, kills the doctor and rescues then Honey Ryder from the island.


From a medical point of view, the drinking behaviour but more as a concern, explains Professor Nick Wilson, who led the study. In an Episode of Bond handle six Times for a Cocktail “the Vesper”, on the Basis of Gin and Vodka. The do 24 units of alcohol. For comparison: a small beer (0.25 ml) contains an alcohol unit. The blood-alcohol-content by Bonds of blood must, therefore, be a threat have been high. The famous Agent can withstand a lot of blows, but drinking is also amazing: In a book of “James Bond”series, he got a whole 50 units in just one day, according to Wilson,”a consumer level, almost every kill”.

not surprisingly, it is so, that Bond was diagnosed in one of the 007 movies in a”not so good” liver. A report by the MI6 also points to his”Addiction of alcohol and other substances”.