castles, chateaus, landscapes, and animals without end, firefighters and rural women, as God created them: The PANOPTICON of calendar, is inexhaustible. The Hessian Ministry of justice has expanded this year to motifs from the prisons of the country. You’re not supposed to? As a decoration images of places to hang on the wall, on which people eke out their lives behind bars? You can, if the motives with the distance, and a educational Impetus were elected.

Helmut Swan

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhine-Main-part of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

With the twelve pictures in A3-Format and the explanatory notes on the back of the viewer actually gets a feel for what it means to be Delinquent on the return to the company. The views and the Hessen institutions but also shows the over the past two centuries, changes which have taken place in the consciousness of the community on crime must react.

A grid on the Playground

Zwingburgen as the end of the 19th century. Century prison, built prison, in Kassel, converted former monasteries, such as in rock hill and in Dieburg are a protected cultural monument, a testimony to this development. In all Efforts to rehabilitation, but also in the modern prison: safety first. The category “high” only, completed in 2010, JVA Frankfurt, in the district of Preungesheim, the June calendar sheet. She has particularly thick walls, motion detectors, video cameras, view up to the last corner, and an entrance gate, which holds explosives.

The highlight, however, is the network, covering the schoolyard. It is to prevent Attempts to free the occupants of the helicopter.