The Order of the Flemish bar council (ovb called Theo Francken (N-VA) in a “hooting and politician, that his work is not properly done. A bill proposed by the former secretary of state about the more expensive green cards was in the meantime, the Council of State, and that is called the Francken is on Twitter as “a completely wrong signal”.

“For what does what, even for a stranger,” said Theo Francken. So it was decided by the then secretary of state for Migration and Asylum, by 2015 the cost of the application for a residence permit for up did not work. For example: from the 215 to the 350. The Council of State, the flute, Francken, now back to you and says that that sum is unreasonable and out of proportion to the actual cost. However, on Twitter, responded to the N-VA leader Monday afternoon, sharp. “350 is a lot of for too little. Got a lot of verblijfsaanvragen of Deoadvocaten, and other retailers in the vain hope that urgently needed to be addressed. However, there is still a lot of work. Totally the wrong message.”

That message is once again going down the wrong way, at the Order of Flemish bar council, the professional body of the association. “The Council of State shall examine only the lawfulness of a decision,” said a comment. “So, it may be the only sign that the former secretary of state, his work not quite done. A Royal Decree must comply with the law, which is not the case at all.”

And still another: “the Lawyers have a job and a duty to stand up for the interests of their clients. They can be, and to all of the applicable laws to call, including the higher standards that are part of the laws of belgium. Those who will, that the lawyers who are doing their duty the retailers in the vain hope of , proves nothing to the understanding of the foundations of the rule of law.”

for More about Theo Francken of the Council of State, it destroys ‘vreemdelingentaks Theo Francken-PS and N-VA, they looked at each other, already, in the eyes of Twitter as a play area (at the far right of this parliament, it is most common in Flemish tweeter As the pricing there is, organized by Jean-Marie Dedecker, a march to Brussels, “Then I put my yellow jacket on”