over The past few years in various places in Italy and decided to have houses to sell them at an affordable price, often not more than one euro. That, in order for the population to increase. The municipality of Cammarata, Sicily, is now one step further. Most of the houses are completely free of charge.

in Zungoli, near Naples, Sambuca, Sicily-these are just a few of the places where some time ago the houses were sold for one euro. Eye-catching, but successful initiatives to bring new residents to the hospital.

And that’s what Vincenzo Giambrone, mayor Cammarata, do. He even goes a step further and offer the houses for free. So desperate was he to get to his home town to save the day. For three years he has been working on his plan, from the beginning, when it came to convincing the owners to allow their vacant and dilapidated homes to sell them, so that they are free of charge to new entrants can provide.

“I can’t stand to see this beautiful church is empty and in ruins, to see the change. It hurts me,” he said on CNN’s Travel. “The property owners are not aware of the damage that they can cause the houses to be let to expire. It will leave a deep scar on the back of the town.”

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Free terms:

According to Giambrone, there are currently about a dozen abandoned houses, and it is possible there will soon be even more with it. There are at least a hundred other houses to be empty in the old part of the city.

“Now, we can finally get people to raise in order for the houses to be renovated, and the historic town centre to breathe new life into”, what it sounds like.

But, of course, there are a number of terms and conditions. New residents to the building within the next three years to renovate it. They need some kind of security deposit of 5 000€. As soon as the renovation work is fully completed, they will receive the money is fully returned. In addition, they have to clear, (re -) construction projects to submit.

those Who stand a chance of winning?

even Though everyone has the chance, young families with children are given priority. Couples who have a baby, even receive a bonus of $ 1,000. The new owners of the buildings to transform it into a private home, B&B, a hotel, a shop or even a restaurant.

Thus, Cammarata is now a part of a wide range of authentic Italian villages that are fighting against the decay. for More information about the free homes you can find on the official web-site of the municipality.

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