The story of Anderlecht and is now a well-known and the process is in full swing, but for the time being, without result, at a 5 to 24 in the league. What is particularly lacking is the efficiency and is a top striker. Fortunately it looks like Kemar Roofe of this week’s long-awaited debut album to make. However, how it would be with Ivan Santini, and Sylvère Ganvoula, which are the two peaks which are blue-white in this summer sale?

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the Roofe has trained in the past with the future, and yesterday he did that by using A team. in the Evening, he played to keep up with the U21 against AA Gent,, to be, as much as possible the chance to speelminuten to make it in the league cup against Beerschot. His ankle, the Englishman is not the problem, I have a lot of strength-training exercises that are needed to reduce the risk of injury to a minimum. At work-he was certainly bright, and the morning is necessary, it may Roofe against Beerschot, but a half-an-hour for the time being.

Santini’s in China, meanwhile, of the five shows IS Suning, that is, the Croatian last summer for 5 million and took over the role of Neighbourhoods. The 30-year-old striker was allowed to lead raids on the island, and with an all-time low, with less than five minutes, at GZ Evergrande. However, last Friday, was allowed to Santini’s start, and he scored the opening goal in a 1-2 win at Chongqing, china Dangdai Lifan. Of course, with a header.

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battering ram

In Germany, namely in particular, who Sylvère Ganvoula. Still only 23-years-old battering ram of a uitleenbeurt of the season Bochum will also be sold on the German resembled. The transferom amounted to 400,000 euros.

Ganvoula last year in 21 appearances for Bochum (germany) for five times to score. The three goals he scored in the last four games of the season. In the final race gave the midfielder a red card, so he will be the first match of the season missed due to a suspension. But don’t worry, Ganvoula quickly found his best form in the 2. Season.

The man, out of A picked up straight away with a goal and an assist against the football club Arminia Bielefeld. After that, he was the only match without a result, compared to Hamburg, germany. It was then Ganvoula it’s good for a goal and an assist against the hammering courtesy of guinot Wiesbaden, germany, scoring a goal against the leader of Stuttgart and an assist against Dynamo Dresden to score a goal against SV Sandhausen. Good for four goals and three assists in six matches. In addition to scoring Ganvoula a hat-trick in the league cup.

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