Mr. Corona is in retirement – “It was an honour for me”: Daniel Koch, however, was the face of the Corona-crisis: Well, since this seems to be under control, you can enter the state of the pandemic, expert of the BAG with a few weeks delay at the end of may, finally, into sleep.10 Kommentare10Tritt in the well-deserved retirement: Daniel Koch was head of the Department for communicable diseases of the BAG. Photo: Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

at the end of March had delivered Daniel Koch, the head of the Department of Communicable diseases at the successor to Stefan Kuster, his retirement had begun at the end of April. However, cooking remained: As a delegate of the Federal office for health (BAG) for Covid-19, he stood up to the Federal Council in crisis further to the side.

For health Minister Alain Berset thanked him on Wednesday in public. Chef’s scientific knowledge, his ability to simplify, tranquility, humility and, not least, his sense of humour his in the crisis of a great help to have been.

Daniel cook on Wednesday in Bern ahead of his last media conference as a Corona-a delegate of the Federal government.Photo: Keystone/Peter Klaunzer

In all the press conferences of the Federal Council chef have participated, in addition to 21 media information at subject level. “Each Time with a different tie,” as Berset said. Now cook could finally go into retirement. “Thank you, Mr cook, and all the best.”

Koch, in turn, his Team and all the experts who had contributed to the crisis, thanked. Without this he would have his work not make. All servants of the state, he acknowledged the service with the words: “It was a very great honor to be allowed to the Federal Council to serve.”

(SDA / step)

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