politics in America, it is north of the dam, after a more detail understanding of a “disturbing” phone call between the president and Donald Trump, and his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky. He would have called for an investigation into the son of a former Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is in the Eastern European country.

Donald Trump has his book out on a recent communication with a foreign leader and, thus, was a former employee of the intelligence service. The content of the telephone conversation on the 25th of July would be so disturbing for the man on the 12th of August, decided to file a criminal complaint against the president. That was never seen before in the history of the country.

it Is Volodymyr Zelensky, under pressure from Home? (Photo: AFP)

over The last few weeks were in the American newspapers, the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal I have already figure out, that the complaint has to do with a “problem pledge” that as president He would have done with his Ukrainian colleague Volodymyr Zelensky.

you can Now have get more and more details are known about the phone call, and that is what politics in America dealer. Even among his own troops, to sound the call for an impeachment procedure, in order to more and more.

$ 250 million

who is the president of the particular discussion has been, it was not at first apparent. He is once more in line with the other heads of government. So, he called at the end of July, the Russian president, vladimir Putin, on the trade and commerce between the two continents, but also on the forest fires in the Siberian region. At the beginning of July was given to the Dutch prime minister, mark Rutte, the honor, to meet with the president and with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un had been Home for the past few months of repeated contact. Also, there was a communication of the Pakistani prime minister and the emir of the united arab emirates.

However, according to the newspapers, it is not one of them, the relevant director. However, it would be, therefore, going to be the new president of Ukraine. According to The Washington Post that would Trump financial assistance to the country is denied, even though there are actually 250 million dollars (or about 220 million euros) had to be made. It is only when Zelensky, a study of the access to the former vice-president, Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter, would the money be effectively followed. As a democrat, Biden is a political rival of the Trump for president – would He have been the power used by a corruption scandal in the Ukrainian gas company, where his son is employed under the carpet to the towels.

Deceitful move

The complaint is seeped in at the office of Michael Atkinson, the inspector general of the U.s. information agency. That’s the case, the anonymous whistleblower was serious and gave up to the even weight of the “urgent” and “is trustworthy”, to name a few. It was in the House of Representatives will be informed and Atkinson was allowed to be behind closed doors, are going to explain to you exactly what is going on.
He wants to be in a research study, to be the son of Joe Biden. Photo: AP

if you don’t plan to, it is clear, to create Joseph Maguire, but as He was appointed as the Director of National Intelligence. The supreme chief of the nation’s spionagediensten received, the complaint will be escalated, but she refused further investigations because the president “has no power” is. Maguire, don, only, to members of the intelligence service, and that is that the president doesn’t.

A cunning way to get Home is to shield, according to critics. And that the complaint was transmitted to the Congress, the Democratic party suggests that the president is indeed a big mistake he has committed. They want to access, in the case of a claim which is not yet being met.

“Fake news” is too much?

He himself has to care about the speculation and is if she does as nepnieuws. “Fake news”, wrote a letter to the president, as usual, is on Twitter. “If there Is someone stupid enough to believe that I was anything improper would be to say it during a phone call? This is a partial events, it is a political outline.”

in the meantime, However, keeps the debate surrounding the facts, the country is certainly under the spell. From different sides of the parliament will vote on the so-called impeachmentprocedure at the start, and that is the impeachment procedure. Whether it happens remains to be seen. It’s not only the ministry of Justice is of the opinion that a sitting president cannot be prosecuted, even Ukraine denied that the Us president is to be exercised.

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