Difficult formation of a government – Israel’s President extended the deadline by 48 StundenAm Wednesday at midnight is the deadline for government formation is running out in Israel for good. This fails, new elections are held.2 opposition candidate, Benny Gantz Kommentare2Gibt one last Chance: The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. (Archive image)Keystone/Sebastian Scheiner

The President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, has the deadline for the formation of a government for the opposition candidate, Benny Gantz extended for a further 48 hours. The new deadline will end on Wednesday 24 PM, said Rivlins office early Tuesday morning. Both Gantz from mid-Alliance Blue-and-White as well as the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supported the request – it had been brought under the requirement of the President that they were close to an agreement, it was said. Gantz had previously met in the evening again to the negotiations with Netanyahu.

Both have expressed the intention to form a large coalition of Blue-and-White, and Netanyahu’s Likud. The deadline to form the government had expired in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

elections without a clear winner

Israel is managed since end of 2018, a transitional government headed by Netanyahu. On 2. March had chosen the citizen recently a new Parliament. There was again no clear winner, but Gantz was more recommendations of deputies the mandate to form a government. He strove against the Background of the Corona-crisis, a Grand coalition with Netanyahu, although this is accused of corruption in three cases. As a Protest against a part of the Alliance of Blue-and-White split has.

A Central point of contention in the negotiations, according to media reports the claim by the Likud, a right of veto in the appointment of judges. In addition, Netanyahu wanted, therefore, a guarantee that the Supreme court may refuse him the office of the government down, not because of his corruption situation.

Gantz had asked at the weekend Rivlin to an extension of its deadline by a further two weeks. However, Rivlin had rejected it on Sunday. The Regierungsbilsung fails again, Israel must choose for the fourth Time since April of 2019.

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