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The midfielder of Real Madrid, Isco Alarcón , went out to the passage of the criticisms he suffered in the social networks after giving a “Like” to a tweet in which he appeared a t-shirt with the slogan “AHAB: All Cayetanos Are Bastard (All of the Cayetanos are Bastards)”, a reference to the anti-Government protesters, to underline that there is “neither green, nor red, nor orange, nor blue… just a Spanish more”.

“Passed by here just to clarify that I am not green, nor red, nor orange, nor blue… I’m Just an Spanish more.

Disappointed, tired, and worried about a situation as unusual as this . Awestruck at the amount of victims that has caused this pandemic”, he wrote in a text that he got into his official portrait on Instagram.

“in My opinion, if anyone is interested, is that it is moment of the political (whether the party they are) are united . To me, those attitudes don’t represents me none. It is time to be responsible,” he continued.

The tweet that sparked the controversy was made by the rapper Rayden, wearing such a t-shirt, the 25th of may. The discovery of the “I Like” of Isco reactions are multiplied in the network before a presumed political position that the player now has wanted to clarify. The publication has reached the 15,000 “I Like”, to 2,600 retweets and 923 responses.

One of the harshest criticism was that of Alfonso Ussía. The journalist and writer, candidate to the election to the presidency of Real Madrid in 1991 who lost to Ramon Mendoza, charged against the player and requested, even, and his departure from the club. “Florentino Perez, by more than his friend Ferreras defends the culibajo, to see if at the end, you have the courage to put it on the market. No matter what you are offered. Represents a savings. This uncle, culibajo and rare, bearded jihadist and a billionaire, by the grace of Florentino Pérez, does not deserve to continue at Real Madrid”, he wrote Ussía on his Twitter account.