He is a key figure of the PAF. In 2012, Isabelle Vitari met with success with the public who found her every week in Our dear neighbors on TF1. A cult comedy where the actress had Gil Alma as an on-screen partner and was one of the key characters with fans.

For five years, the interpreter of Karine Becker lived to the rhythm of household scenes, crises of her two teenagers and neighborhood parties. Several episodes which attracted millions of viewers every evening until the end of Our dear neighbors in 2017. Despite the end of the series, Isabelle Vitari does not seem to be sulking about her pleasure in being famous on the small screen.

“I am very happy to shoot for TV, I have no frustration with the cinema. If I were there all my life, it would suit me very well! There are more and more qualitative projects”, she confides in January 2022 for Télé-Loisirs. “I think being a TV actress was maybe a little negative before, 20 years ago. But now, frankly, sometimes there are some TV movies that are better than movies!”.

Multiplying appearances on television, the forties star has also evolved into other registers where it was not necessarily expected. “When Our dear neighbors stopped, I was immediately offered super dark roles”, she assured our colleagues. We note in particular his roles in the fiction Murders in Aix-en-Provence, The Blood of the Golden Islands, or even The Mystery of the Cheerleaders, the TV movie of which is rebroadcast this Thursday, June 9 on France 3.

Not to mention her last appearance in the romantic comedy L’amour (almost perfect) at the start of 2022. In terms of sentimental life, Isabelle Vitari is a fulfilled actress in the company of her spouse Ludovic who has “a real job: he leaves in the morning in a suit and tie and come home in the evening”, proudly confessed the mother of three children in the columns of Gala in 2017. Apart from her role as a mother, the star is also illustrated in the spotlight at various events. Anthology of her appearances on the red carpet through our slideshow.