André Téchiné, François Ozon, Andrzej Żuławski… The actress Isabelle Adjani has collaborated with many successful directors. This muse of French cinema has chained roles and awards. Since her career debut, the pretty brunette has won the César for best actress five times, including one for The murderous summer. A film in which the star shot nude scenes alongside singer Alain Souchon.

It is therefore difficult to conceive that the star, during the 2000s, was complexed by her body. In an interview with the Three Colors site, the 66-year-old star had mentioned her weight gain, breaking a taboo in the cinema world. “There was a time when I was at war with my body. It could no longer exist in the cinema to express an attractive feminine. It was a moment of suffering”, she had declared and to add: “I believe that I made a sabotaging rejection of the roles that I could have done, as if I were saying: ‘Don’t come and give me things anymore, I don’t know why I don’t want to do them anymore but I can’t! how I am, you can’t use me like that.'”

During this interview, Isabelle Adjani took the opportunity to warn young people, who are often dependent, on social networks. “It’s dangerous for people prone to dysmorphia, to questioning their identity, this phenomenon which mainly affects teenagers. He has finally managed to moderate – I hope it will last – this way of putting himself on stage. It’s like a libido of life that arrives, and then it ends in priapism. That completely freaks me out”.

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