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a shot. So they have killed a stallion of Buenavista. El toro bravo has appeared dead from a shot in the estate, seville, this livestock of bravo, in The Castle of the Guards. “I’m outraged that make this barbarism to an animal without guilt of anything, quitándote the middle a stallion with a shot, only to do damage, it will fall to the hands of this offender, man!”, he denounced the mayoral, Francisco M. B. “The Alpresa” on his Twitter. This is the toro number 49, with the rate 5.

As reported by “Applause”, this animal was described for the hand-to-hand between Daniel Luque and Jiménez Fortes at the Fair of San Jorge of Zaragoza, which could not be held by the Covid-19.

The event has already been reported to the Civil Guard and, according to the above-mentioned portal taurino, one of the assumptions that are handled is that the shooting may have been committing a poacher, while the aspect of authorship has not yet been clarified.

there Are many comments to this tweet. So from The Palmosilla have said: “Who can do such a thing?”. “It looks like you have been shot with a 22. And the one who has tripped knows where to aim,” says Macoco. “It does not surprise me that the offender who did this belong to Peta or criminal organizations