Iranian film festival on the Internet – cows as the common friends of a woman killing accidentally her husband, a terminally ill care of his cows. The sixth edition of the Iranian Film Festival takes place this Time in the network.Gregor Schenker0 comment old friends come together to a the last supper: “Dance With Me”.Image: zvg

After his divorce, has withdrawn Jahan along with his daughter on a farm in the vicinity of Tehran. As his birthday is imminent, to dive in there, all his old friends. His brother is responsible for it, he has tumbled once all together, because in the case of Jahan’s cancer was predicted. The Doctors give him only a few months. Here, the Sick would rather have his rest, with his friends and their dramas around strike: Here of the a’s, when he was a youngster, to impress his younger wife until he suffers a breakdown. Or there’s the one with the other beats because the has married his Ex-wife.

in view of this, Jahan withdraws rather be in the barn, and one of the cows. You are causing him to Worry, because she has severe problems with the digestive tract. “We have a lot in common,” he says to her. “You’re sick, and I’m sick. You’re not alone and I’m alone. Your friends are cows, and my friends are cows.”

“Dance with Me” runs at the Iranian film festival, which this year takes place on the Internet. The movies are provided in each case at a specific time online; on the Website you can find the time table with the exact data. The performances are free, but you have to register as a spectator before and log in. A Running Gag of “Dance with Me” is that the musicians who record the Soundtrack, are always in the picture. As Jahan dreams of one day that he can hang in a tree, sit the musicians in the Branches of the surrounding forest.

in addition to the Comedy will be shown at the Festival “Yalda: Night for Forgiveness”. In it’s a young woman who killed her husband by Mistake Umbra, and the death penalty received. You’d be forgiven, however, the daughter of the dead, so you would have to pay only blood money, and would be otherwise free. So the Iranian law it wants.

The action takes place on a single night in a television Studio, because the case is live be negotiated in front of an audience of millions, including musical numbers and audience voting via SMS. Director Massoud Bakhshi was from a real TV show, and some of the court processes in Iran inspire us, a grim, imposing the media satire is come.

the Iranian Film Festival, Thu 28.5.–Mi 3.6.

“Yalda”: Do 28.5., 21 PM; “Dance with Me”: Di 2.6., 19 PM

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