In September, Apple has unveiled with the iPhone Xs, Xs, Max and Xr, its new Generation of smartphones in 2018. The first in the autumn of 2017, introduced iPhone X had buried the Apple. However, the iPhone 8, the group has continued to in the offer.

Even with Online retailers is listed on a year old Smartphone yet – and there is a real price to nosedive. Since the 25. September, the price is according to the comparison site "Idealo" from 609 € to 545 Euro tumbled, in conjunction with a discount Code (as of 12. October). In the meantime, the price of the iPhone 8 (64 GB) was even at 525 Euro. It is not excluded that the price fall in October, just under 500 euros, or, at least permanently, this brand could become. Idealo Since the end of September, the price of the iPhone 8 is on the decrease.

iPhone 8 receives the grade of "very good" in the on-CHIP Test

the former Top Smartphone from Apple is now in the price categories where middle-class models. The only difference is that the iPhone 8 is a Top mobile.

In the CHIP-Test awarded the experts in September 2017, a "Very good". Especially the Top Performance of the iPhone 8 impressed. However, the ratings were only for the price-to-performance ratio. A weak point is also that the phone has a fast charging feature, Apple delivers this charging cable. Best offer on

note: Due to the fast moving price trend in Online trading and because not every comparison site will list the same shop, can change prices within a few hours.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Backup-conversion is imminent – the users must note urgently Best offer on praise for the Apple iPhone 8 Smartphone