Investments of Black-and-Green: What the Numbers say


    It’s true. “Only the municipalities of the Saarland are in debt in Germany is even higher. This is the result of twenty years of CDU government in Hessen“, says Marius Know, the financial policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group. He is responding to a representation, in the Finance Minister Thomas Schäfer (CDU), celebrates for three investment programmes of the state government. The Union politician, adding generously, and comes to investments in the order of 2.2 billion euros. Therein, money is comprised of Federal, state, and local authorities, and also triggered further issues are added.

    The Figures, which leads the social Democrat in the field, come from an official statistics, which allows a reliable comparison between the countries. After that, the debt of the municipal authorities in Hesse at the end of 2017 at 5189 euros per head. The Saarland reports 6844 Euro. The lowest liabilities with 2378 euros to the inhabitants in Bavaria.

    cash loans “ticking time bomb”

    seen in this way, Schaefer is no reason to Cheer. The local authorities in Hesse, financially, much worse than those in the free state, with the measure of so much. This does not mean, however, that the policy of the Hessian Minister of Finance, would be wrong. So Norbert Schmitt, the former financial policy spokesman of the SPD parliamentary group, warned two years ago that the cash loans of the municipalities, “ticking time bombs”. “A programme of Debt relief for cash loans through the country is urgently needed.”

    This demand from the Opposition comes close to shepherd with the Hesse Fund, at least in principle. On the question of how the financial policy of the CDU, the laying down the shepherd as Secretary of state and Minister since 2005, under a technical point of evaluate is like to discuss the experts are endless. Politically, two events significantly. In April 2018, before the state election campaign, negotiated by the national associations of the black-and-green majority in Wiesbaden a number of concessions.