Who had set out in the stock market 2018 on car share, had to resign at the end of the Depot with some significant losses. In the year 2019, many investors now hope that the year-on-year to catch up losses. According to the analysts of JP Morgan, the car industry is likely to be in the new year, and the challenges.

to be considered test methods, problems such as the transition to the Exhaust WLTP largely overcome, but the market environment to remain more volatile, and now writes Analyst Jose Asumendi from JPMorgan in a new industry study.

Under the single values, a German car is not getting value good. Asumendi downgraded now BMW from “Neutral” to “Underweight”. The objective of the course left to the Analyst, 75 Euro. According to this classification, JP Morgan is therefore based on the assumption that the price of the BMW shares will develop in the next six to twelve months, worse than the rates of the car stock.

the Only auto manufacturer with the most successful restructuring and growth strategy will not be able to perform better than the competition – what is JP Morgan trust just BMW. Investors would be more likely to grab shares of PSA, the remodel your business of convincing. Also the strong competition, such as the premium manufacturers Audi and Daimler, BMW.

The Analyst sees the risk, that BMW can’t even reach 2019, the operational margin of 8 to 10 percent. Especially problems of quality and of the trade dispute between China and the United States would have cost the Munich group in the past year. Since the car manufacturer is one of the great exporters of America to China, BMW of further development in the trade dispute extremely. Unclear stay, whether the costs can start to decline.

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JP-Morgan-Analyst praises but the investment by BMW. The group on point, in particular, is technologically well for the future. Also, BMW have a solid medium-term strategy, the CO2 emission targets of the European Union to comply with. Although BMW was the announcement of an electric SUVs around 14 months later than the German competition, expected, JP Morgan, therefore, no structural disadvantages.

A factor could now speak for a career at the BMW-share as a long-term investment: The stock is cheap, the price-to-earnings ratio (PE ratio) is currently 6,45, while the current Dax price-earnings ratio is 12. Thus, the BMW share price is undervalued compared to the overall index. BMWhat in the past, proven to achieve good returns for its shareholders, Who invested as an investor in the long term, in car values, was from the perspective of the past ten years, especially with BMW shares. In the case of an Investment of 10,000 Euro in the year 2008 rate development – today –in spite of the weak 2018er-a portfolio value of almost 50,000 euros.