Investigations initiated men throw the Zurich Model Agent, sexual Assault


Investigations initiated men throw the Zurich Model Agent, sexual Assault vorMehrere young men accuse the owner of a modeling Agency to have sexually harassed.The case came through the Social Media platform Instagram to roll.Image: Instagram

The holder of a Zurich model Agency is said to have molested over the years, male Models sexually. This noted the “20 minutes”. The newspaper had spoken to a dozen young men about the incidents. Many of the stories are similar, therefore. So the owners through social media have made contact with the men. After that, he had asked you to send naked pictures, the views, the great dream of a modeling career to come closer.

In the case of subsequent send photo shootings were in several cases Attacks. Rolling, the story came through the Social Media platform Instagram. There are several alleged victims reported the incidents.

“He has harassed me in the last year sexually. It took a whole year to get used to it,” says the Initiator of the Instagram profile to “20 minutes”. “And he continues through with it. I have created the Account, it look.” He had around 200 messages from different men, which would demonstrate that the Agent must have the wrong behavior. Some of the men least be of age. The Initiator wants to remain anonymous because he is afraid of the consequences: “I’m a Model and I fear for my career.”

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Several men describe the incidents. “I went twice to his office. Once he wanted to take pictures in the Lift. There he pulled down my Shorts, touched, and kissed me,” says one. “As I said to him that he should stop. And then he said I should blow him, because I would never be a Model.”

another man describes specific Attacks. So he had to undress in the Studio, because the Agent wanted him to measure. He had touched him on the chest. During a photo shoot he did touch him in a intimate position and tried to kiss him. The victim was at the time 17 years of age.

Several men have stopped after the events of the contact to the agent. In at least two of the cases examined, however, after a certain period of renewed contact. “He said he wanted to speak with me. So we met in a Café,” says one of the alleged victims. “Somehow, I believed him.” At a Party he had taken his hands and his gender kept. “After that was final for me.”


Until the founding of the Instagram group, many of the men remained apparently the events for themselves. “I could tell, somehow, anyone, also I thought I’m the only one,” says one. “The fact that there is now such an action, I find important. There are many young people with a dream who have to rely on him (the agent). In addition, you usually hear that only women are victims, it is a Problem that also concerns men.”

The Prosecutor of the model agent tell you that the innocence of the applicable presumption and denied the allegations, and can. Currently, the chief state Prosecutor of the Canton of Zurich is investigating, following a complaint for sexual assault and sexual harassment against the agent. The Canton of Zurich police Department is asking alleged victims of sexual offences, to report directly to the police.