Zelzate –

finally, The Dutch police, the investigation into the murder, Westdorp to breathe new life into. At the end of June, in the vicinity of the border in Zelzate, a woman’s body found by a local farmer’s wife with a bullet in the back of the head and he died. Since then, the Dutch police are looking for the best advice.

you are Now trying to be the team is the thing to breathe new life into, and before that they asked for a drawer in it. Since a body can change after death, and made it to the final table-mortemtekening. On the basis of the gezichtsstructuur and gezichtsbouw is a sketch of what the woman is going to be its death is likely to have been altered.

in This hope of the investigators that family members or the relatives of the murdered woman will be recognized. The body of the middle-aged woman, is in the middle of August in the Dutch city of Terneuzen is buried. The woman, shortly before she was found murdered.

insider tip:

After you have a first and a second broadcast in English, the Detection is Requested were more than four hundred tips, in. A lot of people thought that it was the German Course Ritschel, or from the Norwegian by Anne Elisabeth Hagen could have been. Both of these names have been ruled out due to the rechercheteam. Now, it is hoped that the ultimate tip is: “It can’t be that steep, there is not,” says the police.