Antwerp –

In the Eastern part of Flanders, new jersey, is a 36-year-old man over the weekend for the life is in a police cell after he was arrested at Km. This is attested to in the Dendermonde department of the public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders, belgium, and that in the circumstances of the death will be explored.

J. F. (36) has been used by the local police of the Km-Buggenhout to a police cell in new jersey after an operation on Saturday. He should be aggressive, have to act, and the emergency services were called. They came along and decided to include him, probably because he was under the influence of drugs was made.

The man was taken to Haifa to be closed, but the cell was in the wrong.He passed away not long after their arrival. This was on Tuesday and it was confirmed by the public prosecutor’s office. “It is true that there was a man who died in a police cell for the weekend,” says An Schoonjans, of the public prosecutor ” s office of East-Flanders, belgium. “When something like that happens, then we will make an inquiry and we will ask the Committee of the regions P, in order to do that. The investigation is still ongoing, so no details can be released. The circumstances are not yet clear, and there was a wetsgeneesheer set apart for that work.”

in The thirties, it would be in the police cell at the other failed to. An attempt was made to get him to revive him, but there was no help for help. The public prosecutor’s office stepped in and performed all the necessary investigations of. Whether or not any errors have been made in this case to the audit Committee P a to find out. The family of J. C. is to be regarded, in order to respond to them. However, they know that they have the coroner’s report to be seen. There are still a lot of questions to the people in his environment. If that will be answered will depend on the on-going research. If police are involved, it is P is is always on. And that is formulating a recommendation after the examination is completed. And that can take time. Or, in the case of a tail is, therefore, at this time, is not clear. (STOV).