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We have a member of the historic team of Stand Up Paddle that won the silver in the world championships of El Salvador, Carlos Alonso.

The member of the national team, greeted us from his current residence in Fuerteventura and we spent a few minutes to chat with us about the great result that brought The Savior and of the current scenario of competition of the SUP.

Alonso, not only became the beach of El Sunzal with the team silver, but that was also part of the team that won the gold in the competition in the relay event in the ISA world. A moment that will be in the memory of all who lived it: “while you were commenting gives me the creeps. Rafita there, arriving first in the relay test and ending early… goosebumps!” recalls Alonso.

in Addition, the great atmosphere that reigned throughout the world was reflected in the runner-up position in the world. Carlos is thrilled when ago memory: “it Was a championship in which he was coming around little by little. In all categories we made a big paper and each day that passes is going, sipping a little more because I think that we are not aware of what we’ve got there in el Salvador.”

we Also spoke with runner-up in the world of which is the picture that comes to the Stand Up Paddle competition with the new normal, there are: “right now there is absolute uncertainty. The championships were marked are in the air and it is not known if they will be able to perform.”

the athlete from The national team, expected to give the green light to enter the water to compete: “plan something now is impossible, so play train everything possible to when you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel-level competition” .