What is up to this week?

Hannah Pommerening: during the week of normal operation of the University. But on the weekend there is a jazz festival here. Each evening will then be played in different concerts, and I’m there with my vocal ensemble “Et Hepera”. We cheer now, all of it.

What do you like about the subject you are studying?

music has always been my favorite Hobby. Therefore, the great practical proportion of the course provided for in the curriculum. I like that. In addition, I find the lessons in smaller groups very well. Huge Lectures like at the University, would do nothing for me.

And what is bothering you?

The pressure to perform. This leads namely to, that’s constantly comparing itself with the other. Music you should but for yourself and for the sake of art. I find it annoying that this is not always easy to implement.

What did you want to tell your University President?

From the point of view of the students, one could say that the University, as it is, is very good. He should therefore ensure that it stays that way.

your favorite place at the Academy?

In the summer semester, I like to keep myself outside in the yard. Here, we can just sit together well. Otherwise, the Foyer, because one meets here, too.

And where you go when you need to?

In a practice room in A-building. The piano is there, is out of tune.

Where is the University the best place for Flirting?

Likely to be where you meet people. So, in the yard or in the Foyer, one of my favorite places.

How do you live?

I live with my older brother in a residential community in the North of Frankfurt.

How do you Finance your studies?

My parents are funding the study.

Where to go in the evening?

To the “Trigonometric form”. The pub is located in the vicinity of the University and the students are very popular. Otherwise, I like to meet friends.

What do you like about Frankfurt, what is not?

I’m from Frankfurt and I feel, therefore, the city is very connected. In addition, there are in Frankfurt a lot of nice, green places. The grey high-rise building fronts don’t like, however, to me as well.

What you want to do after graduation?

This is a very good question. Since I study music on high school teacher, I would have to say that I want to be a teacher. I’m not in it but still so sure.


Hannah Pommerening , 21 years, University for music and Performing art Frankfurt, 5. Semester music education on secondary school teacher training

Recorded by Simone Prince