Internet phenomenon – wine instead of WeinenMit small buzz master the crisis? Since the onset of the Corona the phenomenon of the “Wine Mom” is one for joy.Silke Wichert0 comments

“If you think 2020 is dangerous: by 2050, the country children will be led by wine-drinking mothers were home-schooled.” It was just one of the many jokes that were shared in the first school, Corona-weeks on the net, but he came in on the Whatsapp groups, is especially good.

the infamous “Wine Moms were Meant to be”. Mothers, the approve in the evening a glass or two to the family’s stress to be taken lightly. Occasionally, the day was declared to be the new morning and in the afternoon on the scoreboard, thanks to the mushy time feeling in the Lockdown, everything was eh kind of the same.

Chips, Yoga, Gin, wine

Wine of the Moms there were before, you are even devoted to their own Instagram Accounts, but thanks to Corona, this number increased seemed to be on the increase. At least the jokes in the network increased rapidly and were shared. First of all, this mother, the ummünzte life the Song “I Will Survive” on the family in quarantine and with their parody of a viral Hit landed was there.

The Englishwoman Victoria Emes danced in aerobics dress through the desolate living room, and called out to their sisters in the home insulation and encouraging that they would survive somehow – with the friendly support of Chips, Yoga, Gin, wine.

the one with The alcohol knew Herbert Grönemeyer, of course, already in the eighties, but the is a man and therefore, in most cases, not so much from Homeschooling affected how the woman tries on day 782 of the quarantine in the morning at Breakfast, to decipher the Stammer of your child, and eventually more white wine resigned in the Honey Loops filled. That was a viral Video.

And then there was this woman that showed how you glued for a successful Zoom-Meetings, tea bag threads on the cups, which are filled in the truth with wine. Not only the family wants to finally stand to be in love colleagues.

There are a bunch of such Clips, many of you will find obviously funny, although the message that alcohol makes everything easier, not at all Joking, of course, entirely harmless. So far, however, there are no studies that show that mothers actually drink more than other groups of the population.

beer drinking fathers? To should normal

And statistically, there are at least as many “Beer Dad’s out” on-the-go. That have brought it so far to the pop-cultural joke, is probably simply because that you have the frustration drink has Long been introduced and widely accepted by society. Perhaps the Wine Mom, which it shall do like unto the men now approach way is gone, just another piece in the direction of equality.

Continuously confess mothers I can on Instagram: “not everything!”

your fly but also so many sympathies, because it is less perfect, therefore, as your colleagues, the Tiger Mom and Helicopter Mom. With the Wine Mom – easily overwhelmed, easily a sit – to identify all those that are also done sometimes.

Running mothers to confess on Instagram: “I can’t do everything!”, “I’m not perfect!” Who sent in the first few weeks without daycare and school is still inspired craft tutorials and yeast dough recipes in the world, Yoga in front of the Laptop practiced and self-produced facial masks hung up the phone, soon realized that this energy would not keep level forever. While Christian Drosten talked about the flattening of the curve, saw many mothers have their own curve to the Ground to sink: the Motivation was in the basement. We talk to us in the year 2050.

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