Are you ready for back to school? If this is, in many ways, a most important moment for children… it is also a crucial moment for parents and adults in general. And for good reason ! This is an opportunity to rework its tax strategy and review some of its tax reflexes. To avoid facing stress when returning to work, a few tips can be effective; observes La Dépêche on its site. September, as can be January, is “the month of new beginnings”, specifies for example Laetitia Vitaud, specialist in the future of work, quoted by our colleagues.

A few simple tips, therefore, to get through this new milestone as easily as possible: first, try to get back to work in good shape! This goes through short breaks of about 15 minutes every two. If you work on a screen, also try to look up regularly. Once every twenty minutes is generally sufficient, continue our colleagues. Physical activity, as long as it is fairly regular, can be very useful for maintaining good health.

Also remember to install yourself correctly: the position in which you are about to work plays a big role in your ability to stay focused and therefore move quickly on the mission you need to accomplish. To this end, it may be useful to limit the sources of potential distractions, such as notifications from social networks or interruptions likely to emanate from those around you. Without forgetting, of course, the unsupervised expenses and the savings that it could be easy to make by renegotiating a simple contract… More information on this subject in our slideshow, which you will find below.