Nearly five months after the mysterious death of a horse farm Manager in Schöneck, in the Main-Kinzig district, the police has taken a suspect. With an international arrest warrant sought-after 23-year-old Year old man was arrested on Friday in the district of Korneuburg in lower Austria, the public Prosecutor’s office Hanau, Germany, and the police have informed in Offenbach. He should as soon as possible after Germany surrendered.

No suicide of the victim

The case had been in the middle of September 2018 to stir. First, the Events pointed to the farm on the outskirts of the town of Büdesheim on a suicide. However, the investigators were not confirmed by an inquest that the woman took the life. Coroner found serious injuries to the neck. The cause of death and instrumentalities, the public Prosecutor’s office made on request.

In the case of the arrested is a 23-year-old Romanians. He worked as a groom at the stables. The motive for the alleged killing, the investigators are not called. You assume, however, that there may have been disputes in the employment relationship of the two.

The suspects left in September 2018, the horse farm in Hesse, Germany. He entered a new place in the greater Vienna area, but the investigators kept him in view. After evidence of the fact, accumulated, applied to the public Prosecutor’s office Hanau a warrant, and the Austrian police to handle.