This summer, a great asteroid close to the earth as it passed. In the last couple of hundred years, there would have been no natural disaster is so close to our planet, and to have been. And it was NASA or nothing.

The asteroid in 2019 is OK, whizzed to our earth, at a distance of 73,000 miles. This is about five times less than the distance between the earth and the moon.

Thus, a closed-section by the organization is seen as a near collision. And still, the astronomers, there is nothing given up on the 24th of July, just a couple of hours before the devastation. This is clear from internal e-mails released by a variety of media outlets.

“the object does not seen to have a lot of different reasons,” a voice said, two days later, on the 26th of July. “It was on the asteroid itself? It Was so difficult to see? I wonder how many space objects already there, without the knowledge of his age?”

the e-mails show that the telescope of the NASA, the asteroid had been spotted on the 7th of July, but that’s the ruimterots to be slow-moving in order to be identified as an object in a near-collision may be the cause. It wasn’t until later, that the asteroid more quickly and went to move it, and then, when he was so close to an almost-full moon that astronomers were also unable to see it.

the Asteroid in 2019 and the OK button would be the most significant ruimterots been a which is so close to the earth as it is passed through in the last century. Experts at NASA are expecting a similar passage, and then, in 2029.

even Though there is no risk of an impact on our planet, is sent to NASA after the incident occurred, however, in a press release: “As the 2019 is not OK, however, the atmosphere had not entered, there would be a distance of about 80 miles, the damage has been.”

The incident caused to advance again to speak. If NASA is a one-hundred-foot-wide ruimterots not able to see, it will come up with plenty of money to be spent on the organisation for such an event to occur?

for More about Nasa’s Handsome, a NASA researcher, was one of the other award, and even her very own Barbie doll, to a professor, something struck me… an Asteroid as big as a skyscraper than that tonight, all along the earth, an Unmanned Soyuz capsule, said good-bye to the space station, the ISS, and The first crime in the area? NASA’s research to the resolution astronaute