When it comes to insurance against cyber risks, most of the policies for the company. For the case of a hacker attack, you protect IT damage, or business interruptions. But also private persons are exposed to risks from the Internet such as cyber bullying, identity theft, computer viruses or fraud in online purchases – this is not only since the on Friday, known large-scale attack, in which vast amounts of data of politicians and Celebrities stolen and were made public.

Christine Scharrenbroch

Freelance writer in the business section.

F. A. Z.

Every fifth German has already become a victim of cybercrime, according to a recent representative survey by the opinion research Institute Yougov on behalf of Roland legal protection. Almost every second Respondent between the ages of 18 and 24 years, an estimated the risk as high, due to the Downloading of music, Videos or images of a copyright unintentionally commit a violation. Just as the fear that personal accounts are hacked in social networks or in Online Shopping is widely used.

The insurers are sensing increasingly Potential in the protection against dangers in the digital space. Good a dozen company has now brought cyber policies for private people. Partly as a standalone product, partly as an additional module for legal protection or home insurance – and in a different embodiment, which relates to the risks covered. As the next provider wants to enter in April, the Cologne-based Gothaer in the Segment. “We have built up a good Cyber-expertise in the commercial business and trust in us also an offer for private customers”, says Gothaer management Board Christopher Lohmann of the F. A. Z., the new cyber protection is Planned as a Supplement to a home insurance.

a pioneer with 50,000 policies sold

What is the importance of reaching the young business with the cyber policies for private users, in the meantime, it is difficult to assess. The industry Association GDV, no information on achieved premium income. The demand is increasing anyway, as GDV-legal protection expert Thomas Lämmrich reported: “The market is developing in the Wake of the increasing sensitivity of consumers to Internet risks.”

Currently, the Association is preparing a non-binding model terms and conditions for private cyber policies, which are intended to serve as a guide. For this purpose, two projects are running: The one about legal aspects of the protection, the other to Assistance services, which are often bundled in the protection letters. A Online can count on protection radar, the user indicates a misuse of their personal data on the Internet, and their deletion.

As a pioneer in the new Segment of the düsseldorf-based Arag with their 2012 developed policy applies to web activation. Nearly 50,000 policies were sold. In the year 2018, the number of degrees was about 7 percent above the previous year. Web activation is a specially on the Internet risks facing legal protection policy. Be taken attorney fees and any court costs, in connection with online purchases or claims for compensation for damage to Reputation.