Instagram Post of the Lega-politician – Salvini hooks in “moor’s head”-debate einMigros’ chocolate out throw reached Italy, or better said, right-wing populist Matteo Salvini. And as usual, mixed of these things, so that in the end, nothing more. Now to the topic of “Cioccolatini”.Oliver Meiler from Rom0 comments”Welcome to the Festival of the idiot and of the politically Correct”: Matteo Salvini in his Instagram Post to the “moor’s head”-debate.

if you want to read the current political importance and the correlated severity of Matteo Salvini in a Post on Instagram, then the judgment would be of little advantage for the Italian right-wing populists, the former Vice-Premier and Minister of the interior. Salvini has been incorporated in the Swiss debate about the “blackies” – this Verb to interfere, as it is here and there also needed is daring, in this case, however. For Salvini has studied the question much, too little, and the Switzerland takes care of him only very peripheral. He just surfs a bit on the foam of a wave.

“Welcome to the Festival of the idiot and of the politically Correct,” the Post begins, he had kept trashy. “La bestia”, the beast, the Social Media division of his Staffs calls himself, has collected these contributions to the twisted art form. You should look authentic. As a hanger, the decision of Migros is to take Dublers “blackies” out of the range of the space.

He holds up a newspaper article and speaks very generally of “super markets”, which would have removed from anti-racist drive “cioccolatini”, so Schöggeli, from the quote. In his word use of anti-sounds racism always something Tremendously happy.

Negroni, Nero d’avola, black coffee

The term “moor’s head”, in Italian: “moretti”, he does not need. Salvini is only doing so, as the moor’s head would be the same as “black coffee,” the wine Nero d’avola, the “black Madonna”. It was probably only a matter of time, he says, then Calimero” and “Negroni “are” in it. On the song “Siamo i Vatussi”, a Song by Edoardo Vianello from the year 1963 on Africa and a “nation of Negroes, at the foot of mount Kilimanjaro”, standing soon the arrest. “This is not anti-racism but idiocy. We are all brothers, but stupid we are not.” Italy and the world have other problems.

During the shoot, but in this case, the appearance is always very self-confident look, twice to his staff behind the cameras, as he wanted to assure himself that he has understood this story properly. This is not secure. The mention of “Negroni” in the list is of course a joke, the Name of the Drinks is based on a Florentine count, Conte Negroni. The “beast” posted a bottle of Amaro di Montenegro, with a corrected label: “Amaro di Monte . . . di colore”. Color.

The political Wink

these Would be questions after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis non-political and controversial, well, then, Salvini’s Post would just be saudoof.

He winked at always been fond of the Supporters of the diehards and neo-fascists, they make up a part of his electorate. And Salvini makes fond fun of Well-meaning, his favorite curse word is “buonista”: do-gooder. Mix everything together, so that in the end everything is a matter of indifference: Calimero, Montenegro, “moor’s heads”.

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